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Website Links:

  • Chirping Bat -, resellers of adaptive software and equipment for Blind and Dyslexic persons, audio and music production software and equipment, main stream computing software and equipment, and developers and dealers of both commercial and custom software for Science and Business.

  • - Scott R. Garrigus' DigiFreq - Free music technology news, reviews, tips and techniques!


  • Sound Forge 6 Power - a guidebook for this popular audio editing program.

  • Rick Boggs - The information provided here is intended to assist persons with visual impairments with all important aspects of developing successful careers in digital audio production. This information contains the most recent data provided by Rick Boggs, a totally blind professional audio producer in Los Angeles.

  • Electronic Musician Related Sites - Lots of good electronic-music related websites are listed here.

  • - Advice and guidance on setting up and tuning Windows XP for professional audio applications.

  • ToneWise - Important! If you want to use soft synths or other plug-ins, make sure that you get a VST "wrapper". A VST Wrapper takes a VST plugin and creates an identical DirectX version of that plugin. Why would you want to do this? So that Sonar, Sound forge, and other host applications can see it and use it. Try Directixer - it's shareware. Be sure to check the "use generic interface" checkbox for each VST plugin you wrap with it.

  • Korg Triton Studio Manuals - (Basic Guide) (Parameter Guide) (Voice Name List)

  • Key Sounds - Creators of innovative music related products.

  • Firewire vs. USB2.0 - Question: USB 2.0 is faster than Firewire...right? Answer: No, actually FireWire is faster than USB 2.0.

  • Roland gear manuals in PDF format.

  • The New International Manual of Braille Music Notation

  • has an audio newsletter (Podcast) that will keep you up-to-date with cutting-edge audio and midi recording technologies.

  • Indie Bible - 8,500 places to promote your music.

  • - Dancing Dots adapts and develops technology solutions for blind musicians and those who educate and support them. Scan printed scores, listen to results or convert to Braille music notation. Play your musical ideas into your PC. Convert to print notation, Braille score or audio CD. Braille music courses/educational resources. They resell a wide range of assistive technology such as JAWS as well as mainstream notation software and audio production hardware, software and accessories.

  • GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator - Are you a blind singer or instrumentalist who needs to have braille scores quickly? Are you an educator or rehabilitation professional serving blind musicians who has no time to learn to be a braille music transcriber? GOODFEEL can help you. GOODFEEL automatically converts several kinds of music files to braille - the same files used to print the score for sighted players. To prepare and transcribe these files with GOODFEEL, you do not need to know how to read braille music; however, you should know how to read print music notation and how to use Windows-based software.

  • Clone Ensemble - really cool music plug-in site. All of the programs are available in versions that will work with screen readers. To get the blind-friendly version just email the owner at:

  • Paper Music - Music transcription and consultation services for the blind and visually impaired.

  • Best Practice - A FREE music software program that allows you to take just about any audio file and slow it down for practice. Cool Stuff - a gotta have! [click here for more info]

Best Practice

The program allows you to take just about any audio file and slow it down for practice. You can loop parts of songs and pitch-shift as well AND it sounds amazing! Check it out at:

Keyboard Commands:


  • F5: Increase speed with 10%

  • Shift F5: Decrease speed with 10%

  • F6: Increase speed with 1%

  • Shift F6: Decrease speed with 1%

  • F7: Increase speed with 0.1%

  • Shift F7: Decrease speed with 0.1%

  • F8: Set speed t100%


  • F2: Detune +1 semitone

  • Shift F2: Detune -1 semitone

  • F3: Detune +1/100th of a semitone

  • Shift F3: Detune -1/100th of a semitone

  • F4: Reset all detuning


  • Numeric Keypad +: Increase volume

  • Numeric Keypad -: Decrease volume

Playback Control:

  • Q: Previous Track

  • W: Next Track

  • P: Play CD

  • Numeric Keypad 0: Pause/Continue

  • Backspace: Restart from beginning

  • R: Refresh CD (Read Table of Contents)


  • M: Toggle Karaoke mode on/off

  • A: Move Karaoke slider left

  • S: Move Karaoke slider right

  • F: Decrease bass pass-through range

  • G: Increase bass pass-through range

  • J: Decrease treble pass-through range

  • K: Increase treble pass-through range

How to make loops:

  • The first three read-only edit boxes are the HH, MM, and SS (hours, minutes, seconds) of the loop start time. The next three are the HH, MM, and SS of the stop time.

  • Play until you get to where you want to start and press numpad 0 (zero).

  • Press Alt-N (loop time now) - this will populate the first three boxes with the current play time.

  • Then, hit numpad 0 again and stop when you want to end the loop.

  • Press Alt-W to set the loop end time in the other three boxes.

  • Check the play in loop mode checkbox (Alt-L) and press numpad 0 to start looping.

FYI, the "Karaoke" feature is ok, but not always as good of a result.

Sign up for the MIDI-MAG Listserv

For those that want to get the benefit of other blind musician and computer users, you should consider signing up for some email lists. You will find them most informative!

To subscribe to the MIDI-MAG listserv for people interested in adopting or developing MIDI and audio software and gear for use by the blind:

Send an E-mail message with a blank subject line to:

In the body of your message write:
subscribe midi-mag {your name}

After your subscription is confirmed, you'll begin to receive messages from the list. To post a message, address it to

After you're subscribed, you may want to set your subscription option to digest. This option sends you one digest message per day which contains all list messages for that 24 hour period. To set this option, send message with blank subject line to In the body of your message write: set midi-mag digest.

Sign up for the Dancing Dots Listserv

This list is to discuss topics pertaining to Dancing Dots products, like the CakeTalking scripts for Sonar, etc. To sign up go to:

To send a message to the list just email:

Sign up for the Blind ProTools users list

This list is an open discussion for Blind users of Digidesign's ProTools within the Macintosh environment. It's a place for blind producers, engineers, and hobbyists to get together and share ideas, information, and strategies that will increase a blind person's use of ProTools, increasing their productivity in order to make their experience more effective and enjoyable.

Sign up here:

Yamaha Motif line of keyboards mailing list

Link to Yamaha Motif Training Book

A useful Motif utility you may need! - you can copy a voice to a selectable (1-4) part of a Performance or a selectable (1-16) part of a Song Mix, preserving ALL the voice settings, making the voice sound in Performance or Mix Mode EXACTLY as it sounded in Voice mode. Even preserves arpeggios!!! Works only in PC (Windows). Supports Motif Classic/S90/Motif Rack/Motif ES!

FTP Voyager 10 (an FTP Tool)

If you are a serious computer user and/or a business owner that needs to get things out to your customers over the internet then you might need a FTP tool at some point.

There many of them out there on the market and several are supposed to work with JFW, but I have found that the only one that really works well is FTP Voyager (Version 10).

Unfortunately, that is no longer the newest version, so you should download it from the following link:

After you buy this program, you should go to: and buy the great scripts for this program. These scripts make this program 100% accessible. With out them the program is 75% accessible, but with out the Snowman scripts you donít get any info from the status bar and so donít know how much of your file has been uploaded to the FTP site.

Click here for some example setups of Music Gear and Music Software. This comparison was done by Joey Stuckey for Dancing Dots to compare some of the most popular music software, hardware and related gear for blind computer/musician/users.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Alert!

Important information you need to read before you install XP Service Pack 2. Click here for details...

Make sure your video card works with JAWs. Click here for details...

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