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ABOUT BLINDRESOURCES.INFO is a website administered by Joey Stuckey of Macon, Georgia U.S.A. The purpose of this site is to provide blind computer users with important information, product reviews, resources and real-world results with regard to software usage for the blind as well as script implementation and usage for Jaws For Windows plus any other information pertinent to the blind computer user.

We will make every effort to make this site not only informative, but also easy to navigate for our blind users. Therefore, we will not use hard-to-interpret graphics such as JPEGs or GIFs that JFW has a difficult time with nor will we use Frames webpage layouts or Flash animation on this site. Our goal is to provide a site that is first and foremost about content for blind computer users. Our sighted friends are welcome to peruse the site as well though and we hope that you too find it useful. Although simple, we hope this site has visual appeal too!

Joey Stuckey makes no money off of this website and in fact, spends his hard-earned cash to keep it running! If you would like to contribute in some small way to Joey and his endeavors... buy one of his music CDs at

Please contact us with your recommendations or Product Reviews at:

Thanks for visiting!


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