This comparison was done by Joey Stuckey for Dancing Dots to compare some of the most popular music software, hardware and related gear for blind computer/musician/users.

Sonar unknown laptop unknown MR61 Keyboard and MR Rack, Proteus 2000, VFXSD, Yamaha SY-99, Yamaha DX-7 Ensoniq TS-12
Sonar 2.2 with Caketalking 3.11, Sound Forge 6.0, Snowman scripts unknown unknown Korg Triton Rack, E-MU Vintage Keys, Roland Sound Canvas, Roland PSR-530, Yamaha DX7, Roland RD-300 KeyStation
JFW 5.0 and 4.51, Sound Forge 7.0 with Snowman scripts, Digital Fish Phones Compressors, Nero 5 and 6, Sonar 2.2 with Caketalking 3.11 scripts as well as Sonar 3.0 ? GHz processor, Enermax Power supply, Zalman Flower Cooler, 20GB & 40GB Drives, Logitech Keyboard/Mouse Audio Interface: MOTU 2408 mkII for digital/analog in/out MIDI Interface: Midisport 2 in 4 out. Korg Triton, Yamaha P50-M Piano Module.  n/a
JFW 4.51, Sonar 2.2 with Caketalking 3.11 scripts, Sound Forge 6.0 (no scripts) unknown Midisport 2x2, Delta 44 Sound Card Zoom RT-323 Drum Machine, Yamaha PSR-740 Keyboard n/a
Sonar 2.2 with Caketalking 3.11 scripts, Sound Forge 7.0 with Snowman scripts, JFW 5.0 and 4.51, Nero 6.0 A-Open Pentium 4, (2) 80GB hard drives, 1GB RAM MOTU 2408 with PCI-324 Card, MIDIsport 8x8, MOTU Digital Timepiece Korg Triton Rack, Roland 3080, Korg M1, E-MU ESI-2000, Kurzweil Orchestra In A Box Tascam US-428
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