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  Listen to two audiobooks for 99 cents from Audible


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Website Links:

  • Voice of the Nation's Blind

  • RNIB - We are UKís leading charity offering information, support and advice to over two million people with sight problems. Our pioneering work helps anyone with a sight problem Ė not just with braille, talking books and computer training, but with imaginative and practical solutions to everyday challenges.

  • FreeLists - The Web's Best Mailing Lists. JFW lists are available here.

  • Chirping Bat -, resellers of adaptive software and equipment for Blind and Dyslexic persons, audio and music production software and equipment, main stream computing software and equipment, and developers and dealers of both commercial and custom software for Science and Business.

  • Accessibility Extensions for Mozilla/Firefox - JFW compatibility information

  • JFWLite - Helpful hints for JFW users along with some free scripts.

  • - The power of is its ability to make a large number of books available quickly and at low cost through the use of technology. Books are downloaded by members in easy-to-use digital formats that can be read aloud using synthetic speech software or converted to Braille. Once an individual is signed up, reading material can be accessed within minutes.

  • AccessWatch - Do you sometimes wish you knew whether a really popular mainstream program worked with speech before you laid down the money for it? Perhaps you'd just like some tips and tricks for making a favorite program work better. Now you have a chance to make that happen for yourself and others.

  • Code-it Software - Including: Mouse Controller - for those that need to control the mouse via the keyboard. A simple FREE mouse controller. Text Magnifier - for those that need a little help reading screen text or objects. A simple FREE screen magnifier. Web Talkster v4 - their latest and greatest talking web browser! Revised and updated to work with Win 2000 and XP (Home and Pro) (FREE). KISS Screen Reader - read most any document via a hot key combo. A simple but effective text to speech screen reader (FREE). Also check out Text 2 Audio (FREE). Many other software programs available including lots of audio programs.

  • Wise Riddles Software / Audiomatic - You can use Audiomatic to make "system-wide macros." Macros are, in short, a few keystrokes that can take lengthy and sometimes complicated commands and reduce them down to a quick keyboard command (button or series of button pushes). [Click here for a review]

  • Brian Hartgen's Page of Useful Links

  • VIP Conduit - Many Voices One Chorus

  • NextUp - Acclaimed musician Joey Stuckey chooses NextUp's TextAloud to read, work, produce, and more! Text-to-Speech software is a hit for award-winning blind musician. Click here for the complete press release.

Important! Before you go out and buy an expensive screen reader, visit the software section on

You may not want all the functions of a program like JAWS or Window Eyes, so try some of these great and inexpensive programs first.

Also, hear great blind radio shows and read the news online.

This is a really great site.

FTP Voyager 10 (an FTP Tool)

If you are a serious computer user and/or a business owner that needs to get things out to your customers over the internet then you might need a FTP tool at some point.

There many of them out there on the market and several are supposed to work with JFW, but I have found that the only one that really works well is FTP Voyager (Version 10).

Unfortunately, that is no longer the newest version, so you should download it from the following link:

After you buy this program, you should go to: and buy the great scripts for this program. These scripts make this program 100% accessible. With out them the program is 75% accessible, but with out the Snowman scripts you donít get any info from the status bar and so donít know how much of your file has been uploaded to the FTP site.

Make sure your video card works with JAWs. Click here for details...

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