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Joey Stuckey


Hi and welcome to

This site is here to help you find anything you need with regard to products for blind computer users as well as links to other blind-user websites. I don’t want other people to have the difficulty that I did finding everything there is out there for us so, you should visit this site often and please let me know if there are any products or websites I have missed.

Now, we here at Blind Resources don’t endorse any particular companies, software or other products. However, we will tell you about our experiences with what’s out there.

Keeping that in mind, I would like to make a few comments:

1) If you would like to buy a screen reader program, the best one out there at the moment is JAWS for Windows (or JFW for short). Screen reader programs allow a blind person to have access to the world of computers. With a screen reader, you will be able to read and write email and Word documents, play computer games, and use a variety of business applications like Microsoft Excel, Outlook Express and Sony Sound Forge.

There are several versions of JFW out there and I have used them all from JFW 4.0 on, and I have found that the best two versions are 4.51 and 5.0.

To find out more about JFW go to

2) Now, there many programs that JFW is supposed to work with, but doesn’t. One of the reasons for this is that by the time the new version of JFW comes out, the program that it is supposed to work with has already been updated with newer version(s).

There are other programs out there called "scripts." These scripts are small programs that allow JFW to work with programs that either was not part of the original JFW package or fix out-of-date files so JFW can work with the new version of said programs. There will be a list of every script that I can find on this site.

There are also some programs that are specifically made for the blind. Some of these programs are better than the ones that JFW can interface with. For example, we are supposed to be able to use "Anytime Deluxe" and MSN Outlook 2000, both of which are calendar and organizer programs. I have found however, that "Day-by-Day Professional" version 2.0 works better. The web address for Day-by-Day Professional is This program was designed specifically for the blind and comes with a self-voicing feature which will allow you to use the program even if you don't have a screen reader like JAWS or Window Eyes. There are several other programs designed with the self-voicing feature including most games.

For more information about these types of programs, check under the “Business”, “Everyday”, and “Entertainment” links on this site.

3) One last thing... many websites have group email lists which allow you to ask or answer questions about specific topics. These lists are an excellent resource for both the professional computer user and the beginner. Links to lists will be found next to the website link to which they are affiliated (where applicable).

I really hope this website becomes a very informative tool for your use. Please come back often to check out our new info.

Thanks again for visiting.


Joey Stuckey (website administrator)


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